Security Bsides Cayman Islands 2023

Refund Policy: No Refunds

Day 1 (full day) – Workshops
There will be four workshops to choose from, with two running concurrently. Ticket holders will be able to register their place for two workshops to attend. Breakfast, lunch and coffee will be provided.

Our workshops will be of interest to any persons in the cyber security industry, management or technical roles, and any persons that may be interested in getting started in the industry.

Day 2 (full day) – Presentations
There are two tracks running concurrently.

Track 1: Technical. Our technical track will focus on practical Cyber Security content and will be of interest to any person that is currently working in, or working towards a role in Cyber Security.

Track 2: Non-Technical, including CxO, Legal, GRC, compliance, policy and management. This track will be of interest to business owners, those in management or leadership positions, or anyone that is responsible for compliance or if you work directly in Cyber security. It includes a broad range of topics; from dealing with breaches, the CISO role, and hot-topics in Cyber Security.

Breakfast, lunch and coffee will be provided.

Day 3 (half day) – Key note presentations.

Day three brings the conference to a close with our Key note speakers. This includes Dave Lewis (Cisco Global Advisory) and Ira Winkler (author and former Chief Security Architect for Walmart.

Following the presentations, there will be beach party and lunch provided to all attendees that wish to come, on Public Beach (a short walk from the Kimpton).

Capture the Flag – The CTF competition, provided by Just Hacking ( will be run over Days 2-3 at the Kimpton, and will also be open to virtual attendees.

Those in attendance at the Kimpton will be competing for a PNPT voucher from TCM security (, other prizes include training vouchers from TCM Security for both in person, and virtual attendees.

As an added bonus a free ‘Getting Started with CTFs’ training session is running the morning of the 23rd before the CTF starts!

If you have any questions about event, please email